The Benefits of Consumer Testing

In today's competitive marketplace companies need to be sure that their product does what it claims. Legislation means that you need proof. Consumer testing allows you to evidence your claims but it can go much further than that. With the right questions, phrased in the right way it's possible to gleam information about your product that can also help your marketing approach and the decisions you make about demographics, distribution and packaging. At The Litmus Test we provide a friendly, professional and personalised service, working closely with our clients to customise tried and tested protocols to suit your projects needs and budget.

Case Study

Company A came to us to provide claim support data for a range of luxury body care products. Their initial questionnaire consisted of mainly yes / no questions with a list of key claims. We were able to develop the questionnaire with them, suggesting five point scale questions leading to “open” questions to identify the main likes and dislikes when using the products. We ensured that the key claims were clearly identified. We included a consent form for approval to use panellist comments as marketing testimonials. We used the Acorn consumer classification tool to identify the socio-economic group required for this testing. The trial provided evidence for claim support, comments that could be used as marketing testimonials and helped identify a potential packaging problem.
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